Nepenthes ventricosa x spectabilis

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Pitchers on this hybrid are fabulously colorful with dark red mottling and a broad, striped peristome. In fact, it's one of the most ornate pitchers around! The plant also grows relatively quickly and is adaptable to many growing conditions, which makes it suitable as a houseplant. It's certainly a gem that even seasoned Nepenthes collectors won't want to pass up!

Type of Plant: Tropical pitcher plant for indoor growing.
Pitcher Size: Up to 6-8 inches.
Sunlight: Bright filtered to partial sun.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).
Soil: Equal parts dried sphagnum moss and perlite only.
Temperatures: Above 70°F during the day; 55°-70°F during the night. Always protect from frost.

• Established rooted cutting, which may produce lower or upper pitchers.
• Acclimated for windowsill growing.
• Shipped in a 4-inch pot. Care instructions are included.

The first photo is descriptive of the mother plant in our collection. The last photo shows established cuttings ready for new homes. Pitchers may or may not be present at the time of shipping.

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  • 5

    Posted by Roger May on May 18, 2019

    Very nice plant! I can’t wait for the pitchers!

  • 5
    Healthy and Great!

    Posted by Ian Johnson on May 5, 2019

  • 5
    Happy Plants

    Posted by Joann Stout on May 1, 2019

    arrived in pristine condition doing well and growing appreciate your care of these wonderful happy plants will purchase again

  • 5
    Outstanding Customer Service

    Posted by Karlie Ligore on January 22, 2019

    I had an issue with the shipping being delayed and not getting my plants in time for Christmas to give to my sister. I was upset, for not only were they late, but they were in the box for 6 days! I wrote an email expressing my concern for the life of the plants as well as being upset about the shipping, since I said I needed them by a particular date and gave an advanced notice. However, Jacob responded to my email with his sympathy and professionalism. He reimbursed me for my purchase. I rarely complain about anything and this was not what I was looking for at all. I just wanted to make sure that it was known that the plants may not live to the 30 day guarantee. With this being said, with how they handled the situation, I would definitely purchase from this company again. They really care about their customers and the quality of their plants. Thank you so much. Also, my sister loves the pitcher plant and the drosera! :)

  • 5
    A glorious plant

    Posted by Travis Hunt on January 4, 2019

    Quite definitely one of my favorites. This one's another strong grower that didn't hesitate to settle into my garden and is already beginning to develop pitchers since arrival

  • 5
    Nepenthes ventricosa x spectabilis.

    Posted by Gary Walker on April 2, 2017

    The plant has grown two new leaves but concerned that no pitchers have developed yet. The plant arrived well packaged and healthy. Happy with your product.