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Heliamphora nutans
Heliamphora nutans

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General Description
As a native to the mountaintops of Venezuela, Heliamphora prefers full to partial sunlight and mild daytime temperatures (70° to 85°F). It will tolerate hotter conditions, but protect from scorching afternoon sun. During summer, you may see slower growth, but the plant will pick up again when the temperatures moderates. Constant high humidity isn't necessary. At our nursery, we've seen this plant acclimate to relative humidity below 40%.

Compared to other carnivorous plants, Heliamphora grows very slowly, which probably contributes to its mystique. If you're a patient grower, you will undoubtedly enjoy growing this rare and stunning plant.

Heliamphora nutans
This species is quite elegant. Pitchers are upright with a slight curve and a slight indentation in the middle. The hoods flare gracefully and will color up nicely in bright lighting. Pitcher production isn't as vigorous as other species or hybrids, but that also contributes to the overall elegance of this plant.

Plants You Receive
All plants were propagated on-site from select mother plants in our collection August 2018. Plants have at least one new open pitcher and are approximately 5 inches tall. Shipped potted in 4-inch pots. Last photo is the representative of the specimens for sale.

We are here to help you succeed!
We ensure your success by offering only well-established Heliamphora. When we divide adult plants, we nurture each division until we the plant displays new growth. With some plants, this can take several months! As always, every plant you purchase comes with a 30-day guarantee from the time of shipping.

Please watch the monthly video podcast for examples of how your plant may look at this time of the year and important growing tips for the season.

Natural Habitat
Parent plants are native to the mountains of Venezuela.

Type of Plant
Tropical plant for indoor growing.

Size of Adult Plants
Leaves may reach 8 inches.

This is one of the few plants in which we recommend growing under strong fluorescent lights rather than in a windowsill. This is necessary to achieve the optimal lighting without overheating the plant.

Use mineral-free water or water low in minerals (less than 50 parts per million). Keep the soil damp, but never waterlogged. Allow the water to drain through completely.

Use 1 part dried sphagnum moss and 1 part perlite. Avoid fertilizers, regular garden soil, and compost.

Day Temperature
70° - 85°F.

Night Temperature
60° - 70°F. Tolerant of cooler nights, but not at all necessary.

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