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30-Day Guarantee

Our Guarantee To You

We guarantee that your plants will maintain their excellent health throughout the first 30 days from the time of shipment. All we ask is that you follow the recommendations for sunlight, water, soil, and temperature as indicated in the literature included with your plants or in our online care guides.

(Sorry, but putting your plant in a terrarium or growing them in a manner that's contrary to our recommendations will void this guarantee!)

Upon Arrival

We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your plant arrives in perfect condition, and in 99.9% of the time, the Post Office delivers packages with no issues at all. Should your plant arrive distressed, we will most likely recommend specific growing steps to nurture the plant back to health. We do this because we also guarantee the health of your plants for 30 days from the time of shipping. If the stress were minimal, your plant would recover nicely.

If the stress was severe, then we will take care of the situation immediately. At our discretion, we will send you a replacement, or exchange the plant with another of equal or higher value, or give you an in-store credit, or refund your purchase price.

Please contact us immediately (within 48 hours upon arrival as determined by USPS tracking) if you are concerned about the quality of your plant.

PLEASE NOTE: During Fall and Winter, all cold hardy plants go dormant. They drop their leaves and stop growing. They will naturally have fewer leaves and appear less vibrant. These signs are not at all indicators of poor health. Instead, they are signs of your plant going dormant. It's a natural process that all outdoor plants in North America experience. Cold hardy carnivorous plants are no exception. Therefore, we do not replace plants that are dormant or going dormant. Please follow the care instructions provided with your plant.

During Acclimation

If your plant isn't acclimating as well as you expected during the initial 30 days, contact us immediately via Carnivorous Plant Help. Provide complete information about how you're growing your plan, which will help us accurately diagnose the problem and determine an appropriate course of action.

After following the recommended care information and the plant doesn't maintain its health, at our discretion, we will either provide you with an in-store credit of the purchase price of the plant or send you a replacement plant (of equal or higher value) that is best suited for your growing conditions.

Shipping and handling fees are strictly non-refundable. Refunds or exchanges are not provided for free or bonus plants. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions about this policy.

After 30 Days

Plants are living organisms that are affected by numerous factors. While our care sheets, ebook, and DVDs are designed to reduce horticultural errors and increase your chance for success, we cannot guarantee your abilities to implement our recommendations, nor can we safeguard against factors beyond our control, such as but not limited to the following:

• Fungus/Mold
• Pests
• Wild Animals
• Dehydration
• Neglect
• Unpredictable Weather
• Faulty Lighting
• Curious Toddlers
• Grumpy cats
• Garlic breath
• Earthquakes
• Uranium Radiation
• Alien Invasion
• Dimensional Rifts
• Wizard Battles
• Computer Virus
• Keg Parties
• Spurned Ex-Lovers

We take all necessary steps to develop a trusting relationship with our customers by providing the best plants available and answering your questions as quickly as possible. We appreciate your willingness to accept the risk of growing plants beyond the initial 30 days.

Winter Shipping Guarantee

Purchase your tropical plants worry-free. At the time of shipping, we check the weather for every shipping ZIP code. If a freeze is in the forecast, we will insulate your plants with bubble wrap, package your plants in a larger size box, and include a 72-hour heat pack(s). You may also request Post Office pick up to minimize cold exposure of your package. This extra service is provided at no additional charge.

• Flytraps and Sarracenia can be safely shipped during freezing weather and are exempt from this type of packaging.
• Winter shipping of tropical plants is possible only when temperatures are above 20°F.
• We may delay shipping if temperatures in your area (or at the nursery) drop below 20° or if USPS reports transit delays due to extreme freezing conditions.
• We reserve the right to cancel your order if we are unable to transport your plants within 3-4 weeks of your order safely.

Privacy Policy
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