Drosera x Marston's Dragon

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Marston's Dragon is a cultivar hybrid of D. multifida x dichotoma. It has long red leaves that branches in a similar fashion as D. multifida, and it has the vigor and hardiness of D. dichotoma. When fully mature, leaves are often 12-16 inches long. This plant also likes it very sunny and warm. Great for a sunny south or west window.
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Plants You Receive

Small-sized plants are shipped in 3-inch pots.  All plants are acclimated for windowsill growing.  Full maturity within 1-2 years.

General Care

Type of Plant: Tropical sundew for windowsill growing.
Sunlight: Full to partial sun.  Direct sunlight is necessary.  
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).  Set in water to keep the soil wet.
Soil: Equal parts peat moss and perlite.  No garden soil, compost, or fertilizer.
Temperatures: Tolerant of cool temperatures but always protect from frost.

Care info will be provided.


  • 5

    Posted by Leon Phaby on April 19, 2021

    Fantastic! Packaged well. Dewed up right away. Unfurling it's 3rd new leaf and each onebis bigger, thicker, and more branched than the last one.

  • 5
    DroseraXMarston's Dragon

    Posted by Gary Lanning on April 8, 2021

    Arrived healthy and is adding new growth and happily eating fungus gnats in the greenhouse.

  • 5
    Arrived well and ready to grow with great instructions. Has been growing bigger since the last month that I need more room for it.

    Posted by Unknown on April 8, 2021

    Great plant. Already has new stems growing and seems to flourish inside.

  • 5

    Posted by Laura L Satterly on February 12, 2021

    Happy and healthy

  • 5

    Posted by Brett Jacoby on December 31, 2020

    Arrived in excellent condition. Superb packaging and promt delivery. It's branching out and getting bigger. Love it!

  • 5
    Drosera x Marston's Dragon

    Posted by Mark Kraft on December 30, 2020

    My Dragon came in great shape and is growing very fast as it should because I live on Guam.

  • 5
    Another awesome plant

    Posted by Susan Wysling on November 12, 2020

    These comes so well packed and in great condition. Mine is doing great

  • 5
    Very cool looking!

    Posted by Ash on October 28, 2020

    I was really happy to see Marston’s Dragon. It arrived in great condition. There were 2 dead leaves to cut off, but that’s no big deal. There are more growing in. It’s really unique and I’m going to enjoy watching it grow! I can’t wait until it gets dew on it, it’ll look even better. Thank you for excellent customer service!