Your Carnivorous Plant Growers

Down to earth with decades of experience and a deep love for carnivorous plants.

Jeff Dallas

Jeff Dallas started Sarracenia Northwest in 1995 out of a passion for carnivorous plants. As a young teenager, he started his journey with a single Venus flytrap. Twenty years later, his collection grew to where he was able to sell his excess plants at a local outdoor market in Portland, Oregon. That was the beginnings of Sarracenia Northwest. Since then, he has created a loyal following of carnivorous plant enthusiasts throughout Oregon.

Jeff will also answer your growing questions - Carnivorous Plant Help.

Jacob Farin

In 2003, Jacob Farin joined Sarracenia Northwest as web designer and business manager. He developed the online portion of Sarracenia Northwest, initially as, then later as, Inc. He also implemented many business strategies that helped build Sarracenia Northwest into what it is today - a resource for beautiful carnivorous plants for growers throughout the United States.

If you've received plants in the mail, Jacob is the guy who packages and ships them. He is also the guy who answers the phone when he's not busy packing orders, tending to the plants, or taking a nap. (Really, the best way to contact him is via email.)

Sara, The Sarracenia Pup

Sara joined the nursery in August, 2018. Although she had no experience with carnivorous plants prior to joining the nursery, she has incredible skills in water testing and weed pulling. She ensures that the water in our Sarracenia pools is of sufficient quality and depth. She also pulls out weeds that pop up amongst the pools, but she needs more training in differentiating between a weed and a Sarracenia. Overall, she's a good doggy!

In her spare time, Sara loves to retrieve tennis balls and gnaw on branches., Inc. does business as Sarracenia Northwest