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Tropical Pitcher Plant Collection
Tropical Pitcher Plant Collection

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General Description
This collection is ideal as an introduction into easy-to-grow tropical pitcher plants. You get three different varieties:

Nepenthes "Deroose Alata" - As it matures, this plant produces a long vine with tubby red pitchers. This plant is also known as Nepenthes x ventrata.
Nepenthes sanguinea - This species remains fairly compact and sports green pitchers with orange highlights.
Brocchinia reducta - Ever thought a bromeliad could be carnivorous? Well, this species is one of the very few carnivorous bromeliads you can find in cultivation.

These plants will grow well in a south windowsill with some direct sunlight. Just make sure the soil is damp to the touch at all times.

Plants You Receive
Your plants will be shipped potted in individual 3-inch pots. Plants will reach maturity within 2 growing seasons.

Please watch the monthly video podcast for examples of how your plant may look at this time of the year and important growing tips for the season.

Natural Habitat
Nepenthes are native to the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. Brocchinia is native to Venezuela.

Type of Plant
Tropical plant for indoor growing. Always protect from frost.

Size of Adult Plants
Pitchers on Nepenthes can reach 6-8 inches. Brocchinia can grow up to 2 feet tall.

Partial sun. A south window with a few hours of direct sun is best.

Use mineral-free water or water low in minerals (less than 50 parts per million). Keep the soil damp, but never waterlogged. Allow the water to drain through completely.

Use 1 part dried sphagnum moss and 1 part perlite. Avoid fertilizers, regular garden soil, and compost.

Day Temperature
75° - 85°F.

Night Temperature
60° - 70°F.

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