Grow Carnivorous Plants!

When the 3-volume Grow Carnivorous Plants DVD series was released in 2010, it was the first of its kind - professionally produced videos about carnivorous plant care hosted by growers who grew and propagated carnivorous plants for a living. The stream-lined methods they share in the videos are the same methods they use in their nursery.

Volume 1 - North American Carnivorous Plants (Venus Flytraps, Sarracenia, and Others)
Volume 2 - Tropical Sundews and Butterworts.
Volume 3 - Tropical Pitcher Plants

Each volume contains a general-care video, approximately 45 minutes, that covers essential concepts of sunlight, water, soil, and humidity and how they relate to specific groups of plants. Other videos in each volume cover other horticultural topics, such as repotting, propagation, and common problems. The DVDs are currently out of print, but you can watch the main video of each DVD here!