Below are plants we will release in spring. All plants listed here are propagated strictly in-house from select mother plants in our collection. All mother plants have been proven growers for us and our customers over the years. The list represents a reasonable certainty that we will have sufficient quantities to post them online.

The majority of plants will be released in April; the rest will be released in May and June. No reservations are accepted. All plants are sold on a first-come basis. Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter or Facebook page for notifications of inventory changes.

For examples of how plants may appear, please visit the Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder. (Please be aware that some plants may not be in the photo finder.)

Most plants listed below are currently for purchase.  If a plant is not in stock, it will either be in stock during the month listed or it has already sold out.

S. alata
(black) - JUNE
S. alata
(red hood)
S. flava
S. flava atropurpurea
S. flava ornata
S. flava rubricorpra
S. flava x leucophylla
S. leucophylla
S. leucophylla,
Hurricane Creek
S. minor
S. rubra
S. rubra rubra - JUNE
S. rubra wherryi
S. purpurea purpurea - JUNE
S. purpurea var. montane
S. x
Big Red
S. x
Citron EX
S. x
Don’s Flava
S. x excellens
S. x exornata
S. x
Extreme Green
S. x
S. x
Golden-Red Jubilee
S. x
Hummer’s Hammerhead
S. x
Ladies in Waiting
S. x
Little Fledgling
S. x
Northern Cortii - JUNE
S. x
S. x
Red Sumatra
S. x
S. x
Super Green
S. x
Sweet Excellence
S. x
White Knight

N. albomarginata (black) - JULY
N. glabrata - MAY
N. jamban - MAY
N. lowii x campanulata - MAY
N. maxima x x trusmadiensis - MAY
N. spathulata x gymnaphora - MAY
N. spectabilis x talangensis - MAY
N. spectabilis x veitchii - MAY
N. spectabilis x ventricosa - MAY
N. splendiana x (sibuyanensis x ventricosa) - MAY
N. thorelii x aristolochioides
N. ventricosa x albomarginata
N. ventricosa x spectabilis
N. ventricosa x talangensis - MAY
N. ventricosa x (ramispina x sanguinea) - MAY
N. x
Bill Bailey
N. x Black Night -MAY
N. x
Buttons - MAY

N. x curtisii - MAY
N. x
Falcon - MAY
N. x
Peter D’Amato - MAY
N. x
Ruby Alice - JULY
N. x
Song of Melancholy - MAY
N. x
St. Mercury - MAY
N. x tiveyi - MAY
N. x
Whisper - MAY
N. x wrigleyana - MAY

B. reducta - MAY

Don't see your favorite plant listed here? Not to worry. We have many others in propagation. Either they won't be ready for our spring inventory (such as Cephalotus, tropical sundews, and Mexican butterworts) or we haven't gone through that portion of our collection just yet (such as flytraps, cold hardy sundews and European butterworts). Stay tuned!