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Jeff Dallas started Sarracenia Northwest in 1995 out of a passion for carnivorous plants. As a young teenager, he started his journey with a single Venus flytrap. Twenty years later, his collection grew to where he was able to sell his excess plants at the Portland Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon. That was the beginnings of Sarracenia Northwest. Since then, he has created a loyal following of carnivorous plant enthusiasts throughout Oregon.

In 2003, Jacob Farin joined Sarracenia Northwest as web designer and business manager. He developed the online portion of Sarracenia Northwest, He also implemented many business strategies that helped build Sarracenia Northwest into what it is today - a resource for beautiful carnivorous plants for growers throughout the United States.

Jeff Dallas
Jeff Dallas
Jacob Farin
Jacob Farin

In 2005, Jeff and Jacob moved the nursery from Portland to the country settings of Eagle Creek. The move provided more opportunities to grow the nursery. Today Sarracenia Northwest offers a large selection of Sarracenia species and hybrids, nearly 60 pools of magnificent specimens. They also grow and propagate many varieties of flytraps, sundews, Nepenthes, butterworts, bladderworts, Cephalotus, and Heliamphora.

In 2009, Jeff and Jacob released volume 1 of their exclusive Grow Carnivorous Plants DVD series. The DVDs are professionally produced video instructions to show new growers how to grow carnivorous plants without terrariums or complicated setups. The growing methods you see in the videos are exactly how Jeff and Jacob grew their carnivorous plants, including the ones they ship to you!

In August 2013, Sarracenia Northwest changed their web domain name from to, a befitting description of what these guys are all about. In July 2014, the business was incorporated as, Inc., but still does business as Sarracenia Northwest.

If you are in the Portland area, you can still find Jeff vending at the Portland Saturday Market during the summer months. You can also register to attend one of their yearly open houses. The nursery is normally closed to the public, but you can visit it during scheduled open houses.

If the drive to Portland is too far for you, you can still experience the nursery by watching their video podcasts or purchasing beautifully grown carnivorous plants. Jacob developed a packaging technique that ensures your plants arrive in perfect condition. When you unwrap your plants, they will look as if you came to the nursery and picked them up yourself!

Jeff and Jacob are also committed to helping you succeed as a carnivorous plant grower. With the DVDs, video podcasts, and online care guides, you have many resources at your fingertips. If you need help with your plants, you can also contact Jeff and Jacob through their webpage on Since 2005, they have helped thousands of growers all over the world troubleshoot their carnivorous plants.

Carnivorous Plants at Sarracenia NorthwestCarnivorous Plants at Sarracenia Northwest
Carnivorous Plants at Sarracenia NorthwestCarnivorous Plants at Sarracenia Northwest

No other nursery provides you the level of service and commitment as Sarracenia Northwest!

(Sarracenia Northwest and, Inc. are one and the same.)

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